Finding Hope in Times of Brokeness 

At North Texas Counseling, we offer sessions that will improve and enhance marriage relationships as well as prepare couples awaiting marriage by providing a solid foundation of pre-marital counseling. A Godly marriage can produce many years of happiness as a couple grows and lives life together, so don't wait another day to schedule an appointment!

Marriage Counseling

Everyone wants a successful marriage; however, all marriages encounter challenges that can potentially become a disturbance to that success. It should be no surprise that the character of those in the marriage relationship will ultimately determine the character of the marriage itself.

By cultivating and practicing Biblical principles in marriage, we foster a relationship with our spouse that will bring laughter for years to come. On the other hand, when we fall short of the Biblical principles God intended for us, then we leave ourselves vulnerable to the effects that are associated with sin, specifically, sexual addictions, adultery, and physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. These side effects of sin also are evidenced by selfish ambition, lies, and unforgiveness or frequent arguments that will impose a direct impact that is damaging to each individual and the marriage itself.

At North Texas Counseling, we equip couples or individuals with practical and spiritual advice that will allow them to not only identify even subtle sinful habits that may have developed over time, but also recognize how to break the cycle of destruction that is caused by ongoing sin.
We know how to deal effectively with those caught in sinful habits and those on the receiving end of the sin, teaching new reactions to the circumstances of life and new viewpoints of the marriage relationship. We promote values that allow you and your spouse to move forward in your marriage relationship, fostering obedience to Christ and new approaches for managing conflict.

A life and marriage that reflects God will be the outcome of time spent in counseling at the North Texas Counseling Center.  You will be on your way to experiencing God's love like you never have known it, and finding joy in your marriage once again. With encouragement and Biblical counsel, your marriage will be hopeful, joy-filled, and one that you want to come home to at night. You will be blessed by your spouse and by God, experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Another great service offered by North Texas Counseling is our Pre-Marital Counseling program. This practical Biblical training helps couples to gear up for a lifetime of Godliness together, as the two become one. 

This comprehensive, scripture-filled guide to marriage has produced many successful relationships over the years. While some programs are very scriptural in nature, but have little practicality and others are practical but have no understanding of scripture, we offer a unique blend of wisdom from God's Word with techniques for managing marital issues in a way that will produce togetherness rather than division.

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